Random Cam Story:

I sat on the edge of the tub with the bottom part of my robe open. I carefully shaved around the edges of my thick bush trying to get a nice, neat triangle. It had been more than a week since the first time my eighteen-year-old son Jesse joined me during one of my X-rated cam shows. I kept insisting to myself that I was only performing with him because we were flat broke, and we needed the money to avoid foreclosure, yet there was more to it than that. I wanted to chalk it up to me being a horny old broad who wasn't getting any lately, but I was only fooling myself. Jesse being my son, and doing the filthy things we were doing with each other, was getting me way more turned on than it should. I knew I would have to put a stop to what we were doing at some point, but I was almost glad that we were in as deep a financial hole as we were.

I ran the razor carefully along the inside crease of my thigh, cleaning away the shadow of stubble that was there. Jesse had refused to do another show until he got his first pay off. It took him less than twenty-four hours to spend it all. We'd done a couple more performances over the past few days. We'd just about made enough money for the mortgage payment that was three months overdue. I opened my legs a little wider to reach the sensitive area down low.

Jesse walked in without bothering to knock. He didn't seem overly surprised to see his mother sitting there with her legs spread and her pussy hanging out. My first instinct was to close my legs and cover up with my robe, but when he stepped to the toilet and pulled his cock out of his boxers I realized there was no point in bothering. It was strange to think that my son had seen my pussy enough by this point that it was becoming almost normal for us. It gave me a shamefully good feeling inside.

"Want me to go get the weed whacker out of the garage for that?" he asked mockingly as he began to pee right in front of me. This was a new stage of comfortable for him.

"Real men prefer the look of a mature woman," I argued while trying to keep my attention on my grooming and not on my son's pissing cock. "Ever think that maybe there's something wrong with you wanting your women to look like little girls down there?"

"Yeah, well, maybe there's something wrong with both of us." He shook the last drops of pee from his dick and flushed. "At least I have the excuse that I was raised by a perverted whore of a mother."

I looked up with a flash of anger only to see that he hadn't put his cock away yet. His eyes were on my pussy. I knew he was just trying to get a rise out of me, but there was that old thing about truth in jest that nagged at my conscience.

"Fuck you, too, ya sick little bastard."

He only chuckled at that, still staring openly at my exposed twat. I pretended like I didn't notice; acting like I didn't have the urge to spread my lips open for my son and watch him get hard over me.

"My mom...the perfect role-model." He shook his head and walked out.

"Don't forget that we have a show scheduled for tonight!" I called after him.

"Whatever," he replied disdainfully from his bedroom.

I stood at the sink splashing water on my crotch to rinse away the mess and fought the desire to masturbate right there and then. I didn't want to risk Jesse knowing how turned on I was by our little encounter. I'd save my horniness for the cam. Who knows, maybe I could earn a few extra bucks for a real orgasm instead of a faked one. Either way, I couldn't help scolding myself for looking forward to tonight's show with my son as much as I was.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I sat in front of the cam wearing my new semi-sheer black and white corset thingie with suspenders and thigh-highs getting more pissed off by the minute. Our show was supposed to start at 9 o'clock. It was nearly 10:00 and Jesse wasn't home yet. I'd tried his cell phone every five minutes for the past hour, but he wasn't picking up. We'd had over forty perverts ready and willing to pay good money to see a desperate mother give her surly son a handjob, but one by one they'd begun looking elsewhere for cheap thrills. There were about fifteen guys left, and they weren't going to stick around for much longer.

The sound of Jesse's truck pulling into the driveway gave me an inkling of hope that we might be able to salvage the night and pull in at least a few bucks. I tried to calm myself as I heard his heavy work boots clomping loudly across the kitchen floor. He went right past my open bedroom door without so much as a word.

"Hey!" I yelled, hitting the mute button for my headset. "Get back here!"

"Wha tha fuck d'ya wan' now, bitch?" Jesse stumbled back to my doorway and stood there unsteadily.

"You're drunk!"

"I'm not drunk, yer drunk!" He laughed at his own idea of a joke.

"I wish. We've got a show scheduled for right now!"

"Oh, shiiit, I f'rgot all 'bout it." He took a couple loose steps into my room. "Mommy wants ta jack off my big hog again, eh?" Jesse grabbed his crotch.

"What I want is to make enough money to live in this shithole for one more lousy month."

"Don' be mad, Mommy. I'll help ya make yer hooker slut money." He fumbled with his belt buckle and dropped his pants.

I was even more pissed now that he was home, but I was going to at least try to make something out of it. I took a deep breath, put my headset back on, and started up the group show room. I only got eight people to join, plus BeaverMan415. At least it was something.

"C'mon, Mommy, lemme see them big saggy tits ya got there." Jesse pulled the strap off my shoulder and one of my boobs fell out. He grabbed it, handling it roughly in his calloused hand. He'd never touched me like that before. "Mommy's got some nice ol' titties, don't she?"

It looked like the show was starting. I had no choice but to play along and try to make the best of it.

"Yeah, baby boy, you like Mommy's titties, don't you? Bet you'd like to for me to let you suck them."

"Hell, no! What kinda sick fuck d'ya think I am? I ain't suckin' on them dried up ol' things." He struggled to push his boxers down.

I helped him, freeing his half-hard dick. I grabbed it, hoping he wasn't too wasted to get it up. I began stroking him and he let out a drunken giggle. The good news was that I could feel him getting hard in my hand. The bad news was that I also heard a couple customers leaving while I worked my son's hard-on up to full steam.

'We've seen this all before.' BeaverMan's message appeared in the text window. 'How about something new?'

"Like what?" I asked into my microphone, as I continued to rub Jesse.

'50 token if you suck him off.'

I hated myself for hoping he would suggest exactly that.

"Cody," I saw that his eyes were closed as he stood swaying next to me. "Cody! Someone offered fifty for me to give you a blowjob."

"Then what'r'ya waitin' fer, bitch? Suck it!" He pushed his dick rudely toward my face.

I guess he was too drunk to bother negotiating for his dignity like he usually did. Or, maybe he wanted it as much as I did. I tried not to think about it too much and leaned over to take the head of his cock between my lips. A strange sensation washed over me as I crossed yet one more line I never imagined I would. I actually had my son's penis in my mouth. What the hell was wrong with me? I leaned in further, taking in as much of his cock as I could manage. Mmm, nothing felt wrong about that. Nothing at all.

I'd sucked plenty of dicks in my life, but this was different. It wasn't just because Jesse was my son, though that was a major part of it, but more that I really wanted it. I never minded giving blowjobs, but there were only a few men in my life that I got a thrill out of sucking. It turns out that my boy was one of them.

Jesse may have been too drunk to appreciate what was happening, but it didn't really matter as far as I was concerned. I took him deep into my mouth and worked his cock the best I knew how. I used my tongue, my lips, and just a hint of my teeth to give him the kind of pleasure most men only pray for. God, it felt good.

"Oh, yeah," he drawled, putting his hand on top of my head. "Mommy knows how ta suck a cock a doodle do, don' she?" He got even harder in my mouth. "I bet my mommy sucked alotta dicks ta get this good at it."

I nodded just to humor him and took him deeper. I relaxed and felt the spongy knob of his cockhead slip into my throat. It had been a while since I'd attempted that and gagged after a few seconds. I caught my breath and took him all the way down until my nose pressed into his curly mess of pubic hair.

"Shiiiit, that's some serious cock swallowin', Mom. Yer jest a straight up cocksuckin' whore, aren't you?"

"Yeah, that's what I am," I gasped as I came up for air. "I'm your whore, baby boy. I'm your cocksucking whore of a mother. And all I want is your big dick." It may have sounded like I was playing it up for tips, but I meant every word of it. As appalled as I was with myself, I was right back on my son's cock in the next heartbeat and loving every inch of him.

Jesse didn't say anything more after that. All he did was clumsily stroke my hair and watch me pump his stiff cock with my mouth. I took a moment to lick and suck his balls, which got an unscripted moan out of him. I'd done it more for me than him, but I was happy that he enjoyed it anyway.

"Who wants to see my son cum in his mother's mouth?" There was a chorus of enthusiastic encouragement from the relatively small audience that was still on hand for this incestuous transgression of nature. I was so into sucking Jesse's cock that I wasn't even thinking about the money at that point.

I played with his loose-hanging balls as I worked my mouth up and down his shaft. Each time his cockhead hit the back of my throat my pussy clenched in response. I wanted his cum, but I didn't want it too soon. My lips skimmed along the length of my son's erection, feeling every subtle contour with each quickening pass. I knew none of his inexperienced girlfriends had ever been able to treat his cock with the kind of loving devotion that no one but me could offer him. I was confident that not only was this the best blowjob my boy had ever had, but it was likely to be the best he ever would have. It was a shame that he probably wouldn't remember it the next day.

He had become quiet as I worked him using my well-practiced oral skills. I risked an upward glance and saw him looking down at me as I bobbed steadily on his cock. Our eyes met. His were on the glassy side, but there was a longing need there that I dearly wanted to fulfill. I'd forgotten that the camera was watching us until I heard the computer jingle with the sound of an incoming contribution to my cause. I didn't bother thinking about the virtual collection of masturbating onlookers and instead stayed entirely focused on my boy's hard penis and soft balls.

Jesse made a humming sound that told me he was getting close. I doubled my efforts and sucked even harder. He put his hands on either side of my head and began fucking my mouth. It was almost delicate at first, but it quickly built to a more aggressive pace, each thrust sending his cockhead farther than the one before. It was a good thing I was versed in the art of deep-throating or he would have easily choked me out with his insistent cock.

He grabbed my head tight, curling his fingers into my hair, and gave one last heaving shove. My nose banged against his abdomen and my chin hit his swinging balls. The first two spurts shot straight down my throat. I was able to pull back just enough to catch the rest of his explosive orgasm in my mouth.

"Ahhh, yes!" he yelled out in triumph of his accomplishment. His cock continued to flex and spill more hot semen onto my tongue. My son's sharp tang flooded my senses and I was once again transported by the impossible reality that I was tasting my boy's cum.

I eased his hard-on out from between my lips and looked up at him. I opened my mouth and showed him the thick mass of pearly goo on my tongue. His grin faded into confusion. I remembered our audience, and turned to the camera and showed off my mouthful of spunk for them to appreciate. The sound of coins dropping told me my efforts were at least worth something.

"Why ya gotta do that?" Jesse grumbled. He stumbled a couple steps back from me. "Ev'rybody a'ready knows whatta dirty slut y'are, so why ya gotta prove it all a time like that?"

I swished his seed around in my mouth, then swallowed it down in two gulps. I opened up to show him and the others that I'd taken it all.

"I am a dirty slut, Cody. Your mommy is a dirty slut for her son's cum. You love it when mommy eats your creamy cum load, don't you?"

His confusion took on a darker shade. I couldn't tell if he wanted to fuck me or slap me.

"Cody...? This's fucked up," he mumbled and pointed at me. "You are fucked up."

I didn't think he'd said it loud enough to be heard, but I hit mute on my mic just in case. He turned and headed for the door, almost tripping as he tried to kick his pants off from around his ankles. The sexual high I had felt a few moments earlier was replaced by the low-down truth of what I was doing. Jesse and I hadn't been exactly close over the past few years, but there was a better than good chance that this would ultimately drive us further apart. Maybe in ways that could never be fixed.

The cha-ching noise pulled me out of my head and I got off my knees and back up into my chair. BeaverMan had sent over one hundred tokens instead of the fifty he'd offered. Did he enjoy the blowjob that much, or did he just feel bad for me? Either way I wasn't going to turn it down. I said my farewells, checked my balance, and shut down for the night. The show raked in just over two-hundred all together. After the site took its cut, and I gave Jesse his share, I made a little less than I could have earned for a shift at a McDonald's register or straightening up clothes at Walmart - of course, that's assuming I hadn't been fired from both those jobs in the past year. I needed a drink.

I got dressed. If I hurried I could probably get some drunk old man to buy me a couple shots with the hope of getting into my pants. I pulled on my denim skirt and didn't bother with panties. I was so wet that I'd just soak through them before I was halfway to the bar anyway. I didn't want to admit to myself how horny sucking my son's cock had gotten me. With any luck a few tequilas would erase some of the guilt...at least for a little while.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I woke up curled on my bedroom floor, a pile of dirty laundry for a pillow. I had no recollection of how I got there. I was naked from the waist down, and my head ached like it was being squeezed between two boulders. From the way my mouth felt like the inside of a lint trap, I had to assume I'd accomplished my mission of getting someone to buy me drinks the night before. I rubbed my eyes until they were slightly less blurry. This was a mistake. It allowed me to see something stuck to my leg.

I peeled off the used condom from the inside of my upper thigh and tossed it aside. I should have been more disgusted, but I was in too much pain for any real emotion one way or the other. The condom brought back the memory of two biker guys. The smell of weed and leather was a potent aphrodisiac to a certain type of woman at last call.

Memories surfaced of being bent over the hood of a car (probably my own) in the parking lot of the bar while the bikers took turns. I could hear echoes of my crazy laugh and my challenges to them to fuck me harder. I winced as I shifted and became aware of one particularly sore area. It would seem that one, or both, of them made use of my back door. I wasn't above using a dildo up my ass every now and again when I was feeling in the mood, but Jesse's daddy was the only man I'd ever let fuck me in the butt. Ah, well, I guess I got what I was asking for.

I shuffled to Jesse's room and checked in on him. He was face down on his bed. He'd managed to get his shirt off, but his boots were still on and his pants were bunched up tight around his ankles. I just stood there staring at the smooth swells of his naked rear end. Even when fully relaxed, the strong lines of his muscled back stood out as alluringly as ever. I wanted to cuddle up beside him and go back to sleep, but I was too filthy for that. As I worked my way toward the shower I tried not to acknowledge the real reason I didn't do it was that I knew I was in no condition to handle the rejection of being thrown out of my son's bed.

Even after a shower I still felt less than human. I booted up my computer, but it crashed on the first try. When it locked up on the second attempt I decided it was trying to tell me something. I grabbed a tissue, wiped up the cum that had leaked out of me (guess they had just the one condom between them), and got dressed in the most serious outfit I had. I'd bought it for court the year before, but it would do. I grabbed my purse and headed out to find a real job.

After four hours, three applications, and no apparent interest in hiring me for anything, I headed home before I ran out of gas and ended up stranded. I was tempted by the Thunderbird Lounge on the way home, but knew none of the bar dregs would waste any of their government check buying this old broad a drink in the light of day. Jesse's truck was gone when I got home.

Back in my bedroom I stripped down to nothing. I looked through my tired collection of cheap lingerie and slipped my bathrobe on instead. I didn't bother tying it. I sat down and got the computer in gear on the second attempt. I logged in to the cam site hoping to hustle up at least fifty buck or so. After an hour I hadn't even broken the fifteen dollar mark. Might have been because I wasn't feeling the least bit sexy, much less horny. The guys might be a mob of basement trolls, but they can sense when you're not into it at all. I tossed the headset aside and logged off.

I found myself in Jesse's room. The smell of dirty laundry and cigarette smoke hung in the air along with his unique aroma. A mother always knows her son's smell. I poked around until I found a half-smoked joint. I sat down on his bed, picked up one of the cheap plastic lighters from his window sill and took a few hits. He'd probably give me shit for smoking his weed, but he was going to give me shit for something no matter what, so why not this?

I lay down on his dirty sheets and wondered when he'd changed them last. I didn't really care. I liked being in his dirty bed. I smiled when the image of his naked butt came to mind. My body relaxed as the weed began to work its magic. More thoughts of recent guilty pleasures teased me. Was it only yesterday that I had been on my knees sucking my boy's cock? I hadn't felt anything that good in a long while. Even when he was choking me with that beast of a dick, it still felt good to me.

My robe was open. My fingers confirmed that I was already wet. I spread my legs and slipped a finger inside. I needed to get fucked. Not like in the parking lot last night, or with one of my many toys, but fucked by a lover. Fucked by someone I cared about, who wanted to make me feel good and who I wanted to please right back. I tasted my fingers. The flavor of my pussy was strong, but there was an underlying hint of a stranger's semen. I should have been repulsed by that, but it only turned me on more.

I worked my pussy and tits with increasing intensity after that. I writhed on Jesse's bed, imagining he was there watching me. I finger fucked my hole, rubbed my clit, and pulled my nipples to the point of pain. With no one home I was free to make as much noise as I wanted. It started with moans and turned into cries of pleasure.

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